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Supercar Show @ Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival 2022


This year Vancouver Bubble Tea Festival is pleased to partnered with DXG bringing you approximately 50 super cars on-site. 

July 23rd 2022 Saturday between 11am to 2pm, come check out all the awesome super cars at the concourse area by the entrance.


About DXG

DXG started with a small group of friends that just wanted to go on some last minute drives and chat about cars. Over time more and more enthusiasts have joined and DXG has evolved to include more elaborate events and rallies.

The success of its group is due to the enthusiasm and commitment of all members and supporters. Whilst they grow, they maintain a close connection to the magical ingredients of the community thats been created. The people they choose to join their community are fully vetted by existing members.


DXG is opened to all exotic and performance vehicles. Driving SAFE on the road and FAST on the track are its top priorities.

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