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Singing and dancing competition. Cheerleading. Live DJ show and more!

Tai Ke Rock Talent Show

Competing Date & Time:

July 23rd 2022 Saturday 1pm ~ 2:30pm

6 groups

(Sweet Plum, Ariana Conte, Crimson Tea, Danny, Melody Tsai, UBC K-Wave) will be performing on Boogaloo Stage. 


1st place will get $3000 cash plus

Vancouver-Taipei round trip airline ticket x1

2nd place will get Vancouver-Taipei round trip airline ticket x1

3rd place will get $300 cash


Dance Performance by


Anita met Jheric when she was interviewing teachers for her studio. They discovered that they have the same philosophies and vision about collaborating, building community, networking, imparting meaningful messages and bringing up the next generation of artists. They also found that they had the same style of teaching. While Jheric has been engaging children through hip hop dance styles, Anita has been engaging children using their natural interests and motivation. They essentially were working with similar concepts!

Tian Jin Formation Drums

Chinese performance art & drums reinvented. A group of young people who love the Chinese traditional folk culture collaborated together to form the Tian-JIn Formation Drums and the Eight Generals Troupe. Creating their own music and performance routines, they aim to bring traditional art to a modern audience. Both groups are frequently performing at large events throughout the Lower Mainland, wow-ing spectators with beautiful, hand-crafted costumes and props. 

Tzu Chi.jpg

Sustainable Fashion Show - By Tzu Chi Foundation 


We love bubble tea, and we also love our beautiful planet. Therefore one of our co-hosts, Tzu Chi Foundation, will be helping us recycling bubble tea cups on-site.


In addition there will be “Sustainable Fashion Show” on stage which Tzu Chi is going to show you how they turn plastic into beautiful clothes/dress. Come watch the show on July 22nd Friday 4pm


To learn more about what Tzu Chi Foundation do for our community, visit booth #37~42 on July 22nd and 23rd 

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